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About Royal Vietnam Furniture

Royal Vietnam Furniture Trading and Service Joint Stock Company (ROYALDECOR) has been involved in Designing and Constructing a lot of Furniture projects ... with a variety of styles and materials. ROYALDECOR's mission is to create the most creative, artistic, natural and friendly works of art of Vietnam.

Royal Vietnam Furniture

Royal Vietnam Furniture is committed to providing prestigious and quality services from the design stage to the completion of construction of Villa Apartments. We have received a lot of compliments from customers when handing over to homeowners to use, typically Mon City project, Golden Palace Apartment, Thang Long N01, Hoa Binh Green City, Royal City, Mandarin Garden ...

From the desire to create a friendly, professional working environment for young people who have a passion for creativity to develop together, we have considered this is a land to nurture wisdom and creativity together. promote the strengths of technology, to create the best Interior products.

We always welcome you to visit the projects that Royal Vietnam Furniture  has designed & built. The sophistication of the lines and clever handling in each space will help you feel the artistic value in your living space.

Investing right from the design stage you will avoid the risks as well as unnecessary arising during the construction process. This can be said to be one of the best cost-saving ways to beautify your beloved home.

If you have questions in the field of interior design and construction, please call the Hotline - 0868 000080 or visit the website: http://noithatroyal.vn to receive a free consultation even if you are not a customer of Royal Vietnam Furniture  .

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Advice & quotation
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